Social Network Management and Administration

Marketing strategies with the aid of Social Networks for companies come to be a very important factor, not only for the branding goals but also for the impact that this creates for the global and local positioning of SEO of the webpage. Social Networks come to be a smart and innovative way of broadcasting the message, brand broadcasting and web positioning.

The use of multiple platforms (channels) gives us the opportunity to make this broadcast much larger, since it’s possible to get to different demographics and be able to segment the market’s niche. It frees time associated to graphic, create content and publish; focusing in the management of your business and its productivity, delegating the growth of your social presence to us.

Social Network Marketing

Delegate the Administration of your Social Networks


It includes

  • Content generation based on your services and message.
  • Custom graphic design to keep your corporate identity.
  • Publishing in your social channels.
  • Promotions and surveys with replies of comments and messages.
  • Connecting with other similar pages and communities to promote the growth of your followers.

What you get

  • It creates brand visibility and recognition.
  • It increases the traffic/views of your webpage.
  • It creates a connection with your followers.
  • It allows you to create a community in your market and connects you with other brands.

Get Results and Increase Your Productivity


Work Method for Social Networks


There’s custom creation of graphic design for the platform according to the requirements off every social channel.


There are consistent postings, keeping the corporate identity and in a format that benefits the work of SEO.


Keep the message and objectives of the business, parallel to the development of its own social community just as the increase in its followers.


Receive a monthly analysis and report of the activities of every social platform, just as the details of every publication.

Social Platforms

  • Facebook: Every business today must be on Facebook, since it’s an important platform for its marketing goals.
  • Google+: Greatly valuable social channel for organic results and SEO efforts.
  • Twitter: It’s the ideal platform to connect and communicate in real time with your followers. It can be used as a tool to create news that could become viral and promote them as they happen.
  • LinkedIn: Perfect to connect with entrepreneurs, sellers or distributers of your market niche. Ideal to connect with related businesses, create alliances or new business relationships.
  • Pinterest: Those online businesses with shopping carts (e-commerce) or those businesses with a high percentage of feminine demography are ideal to create a community on Pinterest. This is a platform with fast growth, it’s very visual but women predominate.
  • Instagram: This is a visual platform that will help you increase the curiosity towards your brand and the services you offer.

We would love to talk about your goals, social media management plans can be customizable according to your needs or plans already established by our team.

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